The Sports Association “Social Bike”, born in Palermo in 2015, aims to promote cycle-tourism and to be a point of reference and aggregation for bike-lovers who want to discover Palermo cultural-artistic heritage through eco-friendly mobility.


Social Bike Palermo seats in Palermo at Discesa dei Giudici n.21 Equipment owned by Social Bike can be hired at the head office or at any branches.


To become a member you need to fill in an application form and accept the following Memberhip Agreement; you will instantly receive a membership card.


The membership card is valid for one month. The registration fee is € 2.00 and includes: the right to rent equipment (bicycles, helmets, baskets, T-shirts, lockers, etc) and to take advantage of discounts for participation in sports / cultural events or access to tourist sites (parks, museums, churches, etc.)

INSURANCE on the person is optional, it has a cost of 4 euros and must be requested at the time of enrolment or hiring.


Each cardholder is required to always have a correct and loyal behavior towards members and third parties, which is essential for maintaining the condition of registration. The members represent the image of Social Bike, therefore they are always asked, during outings with bikes Social Bike, to hold a responsible and dignified behavior, to participate in activities organized by Social Bike, cooperating, if required, with other members for the good success of sporting activities and the promotion of amateur and tourist-cycling activities. Any personal initiative on Social Bike will always have to be submitted to the Governing Council. Independent initiatives involving economic loss, image reputation and organizational damage for Social Bike are not allowed

Members are always required to respect the traffic laws: Social Bike is not liable and does not recognize protection for damage caused by non-compliance of the laws. If a member is guilty of a breach of this Regulation, Social Bike has the right to expel him or her from Social Bike.

In case of rental equipment, if you return the equipment later than planned, an additional payment will be required based on the price per hours of actual use.

Art.6) RENTAL 

In the event of hiring equipment from Social Bike, members must deliver at the head office a persona ID together with a deposit corresponding to the value of the rented equipment; this amount will be returned according to the rental terms and the end of the rental.

In the event that the equipment – object of the rental, at the time of delivery should present signs of damage caused by improper or unclear use by the member,  deposit will be retained and discounted if necessary, from the total value of the damage. Cost and damage is valued by the staff in service at the rental point.

At the end of the rental, members are required to return the equipment to the rental point where it was withdrawn unless specified or requested in advance, respecting the agreed timing.

In case of non-return of rented equipment and accessories, members shall be obliged to pay to Social Bike the corresponding value shown in the table below. In the event of finding the stolen bike or accessories, the sum of the deposit will be returned, discounted for the determined damage.


18 years old and younger can use the bikes of the Association only if chaperoned by an adult.


There are no obligations for Social Bike members regarding participation in competitive occasions, it is understood that each member is free to participate in competitions of all levels; if the member considers it appropriate, he or she may lean on the Social Bike for enrolment. Social Bike is in no way obliged to anticipate the registration fees.



The use of a safety helmet is not required but it is strongly recommended for all members of Social Bike during any activity on Social Bike bikes.


Any infringement of the regulation by members will result in immediate exclusion from Social Bike Association. Anything not mentioned in this regulation as the relationship between Social Bike and its members are meant to be governed by the Italian Civil Code. For any dispute the “competent forum” is the one of Palermo.



  1. To avoid robbery please make sure that your bike is ALWAYS safely locked with the provided locker. The bike itself, not the wheels only, needs to be tied to a pole fixed on the ground and not open on the top.
  2. Use the locker connecting the frame of the bicycle to a safe pole. Do not connect the wheels only. Locker must be secured in order to avoid lifting of the bike/s.
  3. Bicycles that are not securely locked can be taken away from thieves.
  4. Please keep the bikes overnight only if you have at your disposal a safe place to guard them.


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