Palermo Street Food Fest from 20 to 23 April

The International Street Food in Palermo

It’s an old tie that brings together man and food, not only as a biological need but rather than as a sensory path to recognize our own cultural identity, because, since it is true that “Man is what he eats” , it’s even more true that he eats what he is, that is to say food entirely full its culture.

Palermo, already European capital of the street food and the fifth in the Forbes world ranking, will host the Palermo Street Food Fest, the first International Street Food Festival.

The heart of the Sicilian city center will become an outdoor gastronomic Village, where the best chef, coming from all over the world, will prepare in view the most excellent street food delicacies typical of their countries.

Four days to live thrilling gastronomic competition, tastings, cooking show, workshops for adults and children and also concerts  of well-known and Italian artists new talents, street performers, talk show and follow-up meetings. Inebriating flavors and colorful dances, harmony of flavors and symphony of sounds to animate the Palermo Street Food Fest.

A unique meeting make a journey in the heart of the different places of the earth, savoring what the most culturally authentic the different nations can express, an unrepeatable occasion to use no less than four senses do we have: the taste, it’s clear, the sense of smell, the sight and even the touch. Because you eat certain food with the hands exclusively.

“A tavula è Trazzera”: that is to say the table is the street, an old saying tells in which it is immediately possible to identify the role of the street food “u manciari ri strata” in this part of the world.

A street, a table, a place in the hearth able to unite people beyond the social barriers, the cultural level, who we are and where we come from.

This conviviality, this capacity that people of Palermo to make each place “home”,  each smell a remembrance, each flavor a story, will be the leitmotiv of the Palermo Street Food Fest.

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