Palermo | Capital of Culture

The cultural richness and beauty of Palermo issue from its thousand souls, effect of dominations, arrivals and departures, hospitality and interrelations. Its atmosphere, language, monuments, cuisine and urban fabric, all bear witness to this. A stratified and syncretic glory that can be easily seen in the art, in the delicate curves of an arabesque, on a capital, Read more about Palermo | Capital of Culture[…]

Palermo Street Food Fest from 20 to 23 April

The International Street Food in Palermo It’s an old tie that brings together man and food, not only as a biological need but rather than as a sensory path to recognize our own cultural identity, because, since it is true that “Man is what he eats” , it’s even more true that he eats what Read more about Palermo Street Food Fest from 20 to 23 April[…]