Palermo | Capital of Culture

The cultural richness and beauty of Palermo issue from its thousand souls, effect of dominations, arrivals and departures, hospitality and interrelations. Its atmosphere, language, monuments, cuisine and urban fabric, all bear witness to this.

A stratified and syncretic glory that can be easily seen in the art, in the delicate curves of an arabesque, on a capital, in between pieces of the mosaics, in a mischievous putto, in the classical architecture and the liberty spirals or, again, in the Opera dei pupi; a glory which can just as easily be seen in the dozens of events, seminars, exhibitions, conventions and shows on offer to the people of Palermo and tourists all year round.

Palermo is a multiethnic mosaic that expresses the beauty in the mix of different cultures.

Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture, is a capital of Cultures, artistic culture and others, not only a full calendar of events but a vision that sees culture as a “capital” around which the entire community will grow.

Therefore all-round Culture: not only artistic culture but also the culture of peace, hospitality, legality, enterprise, innovation, young people, the environment, solidarity, diversity; bringing together the cultural institutions, associations and the many people involved in civic life in our territory which goes beyond the urban area and valorizes the synergy with the metropolitan area and with the entire region.

There will certainly be a multitude of initiatives and events, many of which will have an international flavour that will engage the city in the big issues of our time such as international mobility rights, climate change, hospitality, human rights and relationships between populations and states.

And because it is a project, much will remain well beyond 2018: new cultural spaces and areas, an integrated tourist-culture system and, above all, pride in our newly-found beauty.

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